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WhatsApp web scanner is one of the awesome applications having number of functionalities,security,etc.You can download the application from the play store for the simplest and rapid chat in your iPhone. WhatsApp web scanner is very easy to use and its performance ensures very quick response and the major part of this application is it ensure security for our open chat in our device.

How to Use : Video Tutorial

QR code Scanner
The app designs QR code scanner or QR reader is very easy to use.If you want to connect the device,quickly scan built in simply point out the QR code and scanner free appwill read the QR or barcode you want to scan and then it will automatically start the scanning andQR Scan there is no necessary to press any key or button.

A QR code meansit is an identity to know your device. It will be scanned and decoded using any application inyour smartphone.It is mainly used for authenticating the subscribers and ensure security that the accurate user is going to access the device.

WhatsApp uses QR code likepayments apps for authenticate the subscribers and after scanning QR code we can start WhatsApp chats on your computer or laptop.

Direct Chat
Direct chat is one of the very attractive features provided by the application.Suppose you want to send messages to someone and you may not interest to save their contact into your mobile phone even then you can access them to chit chat using the direct chat tool offered by WhatsApp web scanner application.

Create chat
Create chat is another tool provided by this application.It helps to get having fun with each chat of your will create realistic mocks between your chat conversations and then you can share this with your family and friends.It is a time pass tool to have fun with all conversation among your friends and family.Simply you can text theidentical to those who most used chat application on that particular time.

  • You can text any person whenever you need
  • Can control both side of message
  • Also, you can send pictures too

Lock screen Update

The application also helps you to self-lock screen for ensure security for your chat and conversation.So that a third person cannot enter yourchat without having password.

WhatsAppweb scanner application is most simple and fastest app used for having WhatsApp chat on your mobile device and you can also control another account with the same device.Whenever you open WhatsApp web scanner application a QR code will be shown,after that you can opendesired messenger which you want to use and then scan the QR code with the WhatsApp web scanner.

Download the application immediately from the play store and enjoy the application. This app is an independent developer.

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