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Remote control for Mac/Pc pro is one of the very amazing application. Through this application you can connect your computer to the large screen television and the controls with this taken by remotely with keyboard, mouse and the media can control by the application, you can relax with the application and sit back in the sofa.

If you are going to install the application “Control your mac” orwindows computer withmultimedia controls,mouse,keyboard,app and systemactions and airplay controls.

You may no need to sit with yourcomputer device,you can control the device anywhere in your home or office with this application.If you are getting bored withsitting in the sofa and handling keyboard and mouse on your computer or laptop to control your homme/office media center computer the you choose the best solution for this.

How to Use : Video Tutorial

Download the application Immediately,and use remote controlon your iPhone or iPad and then keep controlling on your device as a track pad and you can comfortably browse or chit chat with your big screen.If you are going to use Airplay mirroring and an Apple TV, then your mac could be placed anywhere in your home or office.

Only you need to do is,simply select your Apple Tv from all the list of available Airplay device and then control your mac from anywhere that you feel make comfort,even if it is sofa bed or any other place in home or office.

This app will performvery attractive featuresfor you because you can start any other app on your mac and also you can send your mac sleep and wake it up whenever you need and perform as very well, and it perform many more useful activities to control your mac with remote.

For achieving all this features at once, you can only need to download the application of remote control for Mac/PC pro.  After that you need to connect the mac and iOS device with the same WIFI network and this remote control will guide the simple setup process.

Application Uses

  • Control the volume, playback and airplay mirroring of your Mac / Windows;
  • Use your iOS device as a Mac / Windows trackpad and keyboard using your iPhone or iPad;
  • Launch and drop off applications in the Mac from your iOS device;
  • Control any application on your Mac with its menu;
  • Restart or shut down your Mac, change display brightness and other useful functions;
  • Easily use a slick user interface of your choice;
  • Use your iOS device’s private hotspot to control your Mac when you do not have access to other networks;
  • Manage popular multimedia applications and websites such as iTunes, Netflix and YouTube;
  • 3 steps, Super Easy setup in 30 seconds. Press- Lifehacker: “This Remote-control app allows you to control everything on your Mac from your iPhone or iPad”
  • MACSTORIES: ” a particular Remote distance for using Mac is best for controlling as remote that acts as a media centre of your computer device”
  • Macobserver: “This mac setup help you to complete overall control of the Mac in your hand from anywhere in your home location area”
  • Cult of Mac: “The remote of the Mac address to the convenience we expect that our devices will be in the 21st century.”
  • Tecradar: “If there is a headless Mac available the you need to command properly – otherwise you cant really have to worry that you can access the device anywhere in your house
  • IMORE: “Remote control for Mac includes a plenty of basics.

 If you got a Mac in your home, then you must use this remote control for Mac.

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