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Do you any plan for international trip? How many languages you know? Are you worried about language and communication between local people in those countries?  Today we are going to introduce new Apple mobile application and its name is Translate Photo+ Scan Camera.

This ios mobile application will help you to translate 100+ languages. Suppose if you are in spain , and you are searching for bus to Madrid to watch real Madrid famous stadium , but all the boards in bus will be in Spanish language. How will you tackle this tough situation.

Here is the answer, Translate Photo+ Scan Camera IOS mobile application will help you translate all these bus boards into English or any other language which you want.

Also this mobile app you can use to translate hotel menus , public sign board , all type of bills, local news papers and magazines , notice , brochures and flyers. No the language will not be a barrier to  travel to any countries. Fly now around world.

How to Use : Video Tutorial

How this Application is working:

1. Simply open your camera and scan the boards which you want to translate.
2. Open Translate Photo+ Scan Camera application and upload the photo.
3. Select the output language which you want. Done

Translate Photo+ Scan Camera  is currently supporting 100+ international languages including English, Russian, Turkish, French, Korean, Portuguese and many more and the developers will add more options and languages in coming days. This Mobile Application is developed by Attribute Trading Co LTD.

This ios app using cloud image recognition technology with deep neural network of  100+ languages and database. This will help us to exact translation of the document.

Best Features of Translate Photo+ Scan Camera

1. IOS App using edge detection technology and it will help you for quick and clear scan.
2. You can translate any piece of content in fraction of second.
3. This Mobile App also help you to convert scanned text into voice with help of ACR technology.
4. Also Attribute Trading Co LTD providing direct social media sharing and email option from the Application itself.

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