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E2PDF is a very attractive Application used for keeping files in the form of PDF.You can now get XML or PDF backup of almost everything (contacts, specific contact log, call log, SMS backup, call log statistics, SMS call statistics, TrueColor), and you can save this backup instantly via email, Google Drive or Drop / Drop in Google Drive / Drop / Wherever you want.In addition to the PDF backup available for SMS, call logs, contacts and statistics, SMS and call logs also have a backup and restore feature.

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1- SMS Backup & Restore/ Favorite SMS Backup into PDF

E2 PDF is a very simple but very productive application that allows you to make a onetime SMS backup of your loved ones’ conversations, never to open it again. You can restore them or make a PDF backup. All you have to do is select the dialog and before backing up the PDF, the entire dialog will appear on your screen, you will name the output file and create a backup with one click.

So, with E2PDF, you can take

  • SMS backup of your friends’ conversations for fun
  • SMS backup of your family, once loved.
  • SMS backup of the conversation of business with other parties or contractor.

With this application, users can back up PDF by activating and recording SMS tracker for courts or legal purposes and then use the entire conversation as per user requirement.


The application will also show the attractive featuresuch as Call Log backup and Restore feature. Because by using this call log functionality to, the user can be assuring the Call log backup and also can be restore it in any other device. The Backup is made in xml format which can also read by the users. and besides With PDF backup functionalities, you can choose any of, take backup of Dialed, Received, missed call or you can take complete Call Log from the list. and can use it as per your needs.


Daily Call Statistics allows you to get statistical information on the number of missed, received, missed calls and rejected calls. Additionally, you get information about the total call duration of the specified date range.


Select any contact and get a PDF backup of the call log and a detailed SMS conversation / SMS chat with your loved ones. This TrueColor specific contact backup feature allows the user to make a call or SMS backup of any specific contact. The TrueColor feature is fully integrated. With this SMS tracker feature, the user can track SMS or call any contact.


With SMS statistics, you can get the number of SMS sent / received daily and the total number of SMS sent / received within the specified time frame.


You can now back up your contacts with custom features including contact name, contact number and email address.

An orphan email address that is stored on your device but not directly related to any contact.

  • Backup/ Export Contact
  • follow these steps to backup / export Google contacts to PDF
  • Go to your contacts
  • Select Settings
  • Select Contacts
  • Select the contacts you want to select from your Gmail account.
  • Go back to E2PDF and select “Contact Menu” and follow the normal procedure.
  • Google Contacts will be exported to PDF and ready to save.

The PDF is generated by standalone writers, so the output file is compatible with many well – known readers, including Adobe Acrobat, Nitro, Xodo PDF Reader, Sumatra, Ready, Preview, Foxit, and PDF-Exchange.The file generated by Generate put can be easily shared via email, WhatsApp, Wi-Fi-direct and Bluetooth, and can be saved directly to your Google Drive or Dropbox / iCloud.

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