Download Android App for Whatsapp Lock

If you love more privacy on your chat and want to secure everything in a vault,then this application is a very good option.Everyone has their own privacy and have some private chat.

If you want keep it as that nobody can enter the chat without having a password or lock.This application allows you to set password or fingerprint lock for your particular WhatsApp chat and you can then saveit from all unauthorized access and the main thing while using this application.

It very easy to use and also provides number of functionalities not even you can lock a personal chat on WhatsApp but also you can secure your group chat with any lock using “chat lock for WhatsApp,chat safe, chat locker application.

How to Use : Video Tutorial

Why this Application get popular

Whenever you install the application in your smartphone,they will ask to set a 4-digit pin number then you can choose the chat you want to keep secure from your contact list,for this you can use vault feature.So that’s it.It is very simple and now you are free from the fear of unauthorized access from third person.

Then you can open the WhatsApp normally and open the locked chat,it will ask a security pin to enter the chat thenif you enter the correct pin code,you can enter the chat and if the pin code you entered is incorrect ,then you wont be able to reach the chat.

If you want to keep a chat private and you don’t want others to see,then open the application “chat lock for WhatsApp,chat safe and chat locker” then add the chat is to you don’t want others to see.

Download the application chat lock for WhatsApp
Open the application and set a 4-digit pin number and confirm the pin number
Click “+” icon to choose contact that you want to keep private

The application will not affiliate by nor endorsed by WhatsAppInc.

For accessing this application chat lock forWhatsApp, you need accessibility services to operator.If you switch on the battery optimization will affect the response from the application.By allowing these permissions,then the application will show particular action occurred and app will lock automatically to avoid unauthorized access from third parties.Don’t be fear because this application will not collect your personal data’s will only help you to protect your chat.

Download the application “Chat lock for WhatsApp “immediately and have a private chat without having fear of somebody checks your phone.

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