Download Android App for Fake Call and Sms

This application helps you to free from all embarrassment during awkward conversation. Because sometime we suffer due to uncomfortable situations, like teasing conversations from unknown.Here we found a solution for this problem. Now you can completely out from all fake call and SMS.Install fake calls and SMS freely and enjoy with your lovable talks.

The application emulates not only the inbox, draft box and error mail box with your customized time-based fake sender and also allowing you to stimulate messages for resolution. Escape is the worst cases.

It shows really amazing features. The reason for that is you can edit fake call or messages with any contacts as you wish,so they just look like the real contact and nobody can detect.
The very attractive feature of fake calls and SMS will not assure any fees. It was absolutely free to access the app.

How to Use : Video Tutorial

Major features offered by Fake call and SMS application:

  • One of the major functionalities of this application is name of the application will be changed as “Call Assistant” to avoid any detection so that the callers doesn’t know we are using this application,they cannot recognize how we are managing calls and messages.
  • Stimulation of fake calls-Incoming calls,missed calls and outgoing calls.
  • The application will initiate screen call for multiple lines like Samsung,Sony,HTC,Xiaomi,etc. and these all are will beupdated regularly by the importance ofuser requirements.
  • When you Install the fake call and SMS application on your device,no matter it is any type of device like Samsung,Sony,HTC or any other else,the application will customize the information about the fake caller which means it can gather information such as name,phone number,ringtone, picture and voice.
  • Through this application you can select the fake caller information from your contacts
  • And also, you can select the available personality or the fake caller characters like girlfriend, boyfriend,pizza, etc.
  • One of the attractive functionalities of this application is you can keep record clip to the fake caller that means it will record the audio clip,that is only available for the fake caller when they aretrying to call you.So you can set up any type of audio and have fun through this app.
  • You can also schedule a specific time to make fake calls to whom you want to make conversation.
  • You can put vibration mode for talk time if anybody calls back to you. So, you can customize vibration mode, ringing and talk time for the fake call.
  • If somebody checks your fake message details then they can’t detect that its you. Stimulations-fake messages(Inbox,go,drafts,errors)
  • When you download the fake call and SMS app in your device,it can customize all the information about the fake messages such as (Name, Phone number, Message content)
  • Like fake call settings you can choose fake messages information from your own contact list.
  • You can Choose the mailbox folder is to be tempered with Inbox,error,sent,draft,go, etc.
  • You can also fix a particular time to send fake messages to your contact whom you choose.

These all are the main functionality of the app Fake calls and SMS. It is completely a time pass application. If you are Getting Bored with normal conversation, then make something fun with your friends.

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